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Beautiful Places in Singapore

Tell about Singapore has beautiful places,we can find in there.
Christmas is also a good time to come to Singapore. The weather remains tropically warm but Orchard Road, with its numerous shopping centers, is transformed into a fairyland of lights and displays.There are so many shopping centers along Orchard Road and the adjoining Scotts Road that this area has been nicknamed "the golden shopping strip of Singapore". It is in shopping - still considered to be one of Singapore's major tourist attractions - that Singapore is making its hardest efforts to regain a good (=cheap) reputation. That is possibly why "Pasar Malam" or night markets have made a comeback of late. The Handicraft Center at Tudor Court on Tangling Road is one such venue.

For all its concrete, Singapore still has tropical trimmings. The botanic gardens near Orchard Road, where the air is redolent with flowery fragrances, is a perfect place for an early evening stroll. The famous Tiger Balm Gardens, though interesting as such, are distinctly less relaxing, especially now that the Tourist Board is attempting to turn the Chinese mythological theme park into a kind of Disneyland. Nature lovers may prefer beautifully landscaped Jurong Bird Park or Macritchie Reservoir along Thomson Road.

After dark, Singapore turns into a swinging town. Most hotels have cocktail lounges with live entertainment. Chinese maidens in traditional flowing robes, Malay court dancers and Indian girls in shimmering, saris present their ethnic dances at the Cultural Show in the Ballroom of the Raffles Hotel. The latter is to be restored to its colonial splendor and made into the crown jewel of Singapore's tourist trade.

Singapore's discos pulsate with the latest disco and video hits. Several clubs, including Top Ten and Celebrities, are located in Orchard Top Towers, while two pre-war warehouses by the Singapore River have been converted into Singapore's largest discotheque, The Warehouse. There is also a burgeoning jazz scene. Singapore's own Jermanzee Trio is usually in residence at the Saxophone Bar in Cuppage Terrace off Orchard Road. In the plush Chinese nightclub, The Grand Palace, sultry songbirds fill the air with tunes of love, lament and longing. For the visitor in search of more serious entertainment, there are Victoria Theatre, where a symphony, a ballet or a classical Chinese opera can be enjoyed.

Singaporeans are passionate pursuers of fine food and the performance of eating should preferably be conducted out of the house. Their pleasure is further heightened if a newly discovered place is as difficult as possible to locate and has an unpronouncable name. Visitors won't have to go to such extremes as the city has a vast number of easy-to-find restaurants, bistros and sidewalk cafes. Chinese, Malay and Indian culinary treats, as well as every imagineable international cuisine can be enjoyed at anya hour. Food hawkers have left their own mark on the city. Once they trundled their food carts through the streets of Singapore. These days they are located in big food centers, which are worth a visit just to observe the "fast food" chefs whip up delicious, inexpensive dishes in minutes. You can't claim to have had the true Singapore experience until you have eaten at a hawker center.

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