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Shandy Aulia Girl Sexy Artist Hot Foto Video Bugil

Biodata Shandy Aulia, profil and biography actress cantik of Indonesia :
Full name : Nyimas Shandy Aulia
Nick name / celeb name : Shandy Aulia
Sex : Female
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : 23 June 1987

Nyimas Shandy Aulia was born in Jakarta, 23 June 1987. Shandy is known as stage star sineton and the film big screen.

Women who had Rexona ad headline 'burket' version was the fourth child of four brothers and had berakting in sinetron Pacar Khayalan and film Eiffel I'm in Love and Apa Artinya Cinta?.

In Eiffel I'm in Love, Shandy again paired with actor Samuel Rizal, who became the boyfriend. In addition, previous Shandy also a beloved actor Roger Danuarta.

Old not appear on the screen width, the artist who lectures in the psychology department is busy studying and managing children's puppet only. Shandy known although not married, but she has adopted a child aged 5 years.

Shandy that appear more often in the big screen, does not mean do not appear in the sinetron. Only she'd prefer the character it to the appropriate role. One is HAREEM, stripping sinetron that appear on Indosiar. Appearance in the display glass can also be enjoyed through sinetron MENDADAK KAWIN.

Associated with life her love. After a failed build relationships with actors Roger Danuarta, Shandy prefer boyfriend from the ordinary people, not celebrities. However, she still keep the identity her boyfriend.

Although not by much media exposure, it appeared that the role INAYAH this has lass boyfriend. Although never appear together, but Shandy recognized her mom has lovers heart.


• Joe Bebek
• Bidadari 2
• Detektif Melayu
• Pacar Khayalan
• Sepatu Kaca (2007)
• Mendadak Kawin (2007)
• Hareem (2009)
• Inayah (2009)


• Apa Artinya Cinta?
• Eiffel I'm in Love

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