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Cooperation a Must

Mr. Gorbachev speaks of a "future world community" that "will be different from the one we have today." To achieve this new tomorrow, says Mr. Gorbachev, "We will have to work together again to find ways of distributing wealth among all the countries of the world." He pinpoints exactly where change must begin - in the human psyche. Writes Mr. Gorbachev: "Revolutions always begin in the mind." He says we must be about the business of "liberating the mind from prejudices - political and social, national and racial - from arrogance, self-conceit and the cult of force and violence." He tells us we cannot politically put old wine into new wine-skins. "The world is no longer the same as it was, and its new problems cannot be tackled on the basis of thinking carried over from previous centuries," he wrote in Perestroika. Mixing space age and biblical metaphors, Mr. Gorbachev warns his readers, "We are all passengers aboard one ship, the Earth, and we must not allow it to be wrecked. There will be no second Noah's Ark."

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