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Ongoing Family Planning

If you haven't been making plans for the older generation in your family, it's time to start. If you are, or soon will be, responsible for elderly parents, get together as soon as you can to plan a strategy for the next decade.

As someone reaches the age of retirement (usually between 55 and 75 years of age), one should develop a plan, talk about where to live, how to spend the free time, what kind of additional contribution can be made. Don't consider these years the end of it all. Most people who retire have many productive years ahead. That has led some to consider working longer than they might have planned.

Many companies, in fact, are reevaluating mandatory retirement ages. They realize a mid-60s employee has a lot left to give the company. However, for the retiree it's important for the whole family to form a part of the support group. Encourage studies in a local college, involvement in a community help group, taking up a new hobby - painting, walking with friends, reading up on a new topic, playing an instrument.

Get careful medical advice, then plan a sound dietary and exercise program tailored for you. That alone could add happy and productive years to your life. Most important of all, let those wise years of life influence those around you - children and grandchildren, nephews and nieces, neighbors and friends from your local community.

Consider writing a brief autobiography to pass valuable lessons or knowledge of your heritage on to your grandchildren. It's surprising how little we've told our own families. To those who are yet younger, reevaluate your thoughts and theories about growing old. Do as the Bible admonishes - give respect and honor to those who have lived a long life and gained valuable experience.

Express your love and appreciation for your parents and grandparents. Call them often. Visit them as much as you can. Extend your family from the oldest to the youngest. It's one of the best investments you'll ever make.

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