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Ahmad Dhani Profil Biography Sexy Man Musician Full Controversial Hot Artist Foto Picture Video

Biodata Ahmad Dhani, profile and biography sexy man musician hot artist Indonesia :
Full name : Dhani Ahmad Prasetyo
Nick name/celeb name : Ahmad Dhani
Sex : Male
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
Date of birth : May 26, 1972

Ahmad Dhani, known as Dewa 19 frontman, songwriter and also as a record producer. The figure known as a musician full of controversial and sensation, both in song and verse behavior his daily life. The figure shown controversy over his song poems are 'too deep' and have a sense of bias to raise opposition.

Born in Surabaya on May 26, 1972, Dhani has also been facing problems while album LASKAR CINTA drawn protests from hardline Islamic groups. Father of three child was considered insulting for the use of logos album that are considered sacred. Although not intended to harass still feel a certain religion, Dhani finally willing to make changes to the logo.

Man has complete named Dhani Ahmad Prasetyo also never complained to the Police by the author, Yudhistira ANM Massardi, because he is considered just copied the title of Arjuna Mencari Cinta used for one of Dewa 19 album title. Despite the long feud, Dhani finally willing to apologize in the media and ends with peace.

Dhani is also settled Dewa 19 exist together, although several times happened replacement personnel. Even further expanded with the flag of the Republick Cinta Artis Managemen, which overshadow his new groups, The Rock, Dewi-Dewi, White Snow, Andra&The Backbone and Dewa 19 itself.

Dhani was married to Maia Estianty or popular with the name of Maia Ahmad. From his marriage with women from Surabaya, they were blessed with three boys, named Ahmad Al Gazali, El Jalaluddin Rumi, and Abdul Qodir Jaelani. The names were taken from the names of Sufi masters who became an idol Dhani.

Dhani-Maia marriage began to crack after Maia increasingly popular with the Ratu. Dhani claimed Maia too busy and neglect their children. After a long feud in the media and the religious courts, they were officially divorced on 23 September 2008. Custody of their three children, Al, El, and Dul fell into the hands of Maia. For that decision, Dhani intend to appeal.

Although the custody of the child falls into the hands of Maia, but until this second the third son of the results of marriage to Maia, still lives with Dhani.

Dhani ever reported by a telematics expert Roy Suryo related use of red and white flag on Dewa 19 video clip of this in February 2009, toward the day of affection become very popular in cyberspace. Together with the name of Mulan Jameela, became the most searched names on the internet.

Ahead of elections in 2009, many artists who ran as candidates (candidates) and even some are intended to become president. Through the PKB party, the name Dhani became one candidate who will put forward as a candidate for president. However, Dhani prefer a career in music and taking care of his three sons rather than focusing on the political world.

Coinciding with the 37th birthday that year, Dhani asked by a British product, Lee Cooper to issue a special t-shirt with the theme of Lee Cooper - Ahmad Dhani Collaboration.

Beginning in June, once again Dhani have to deal with the law. Dhani's house reportedly preached will be sealed by the City Government (City Government) DKI Jakarta, because it is violating town planning. The house is located on Jl. Pinang Emas III, Block E1-2, Pondok Indah, South Jakarta will begin to be sealed. Dhani was still reluctant to comment, citing not received a formal letter and was still consulting with his lawyer.

Dhani cold hand in producing new talent in the world of Indonesian music, deserves thumbs up. After The Virgin, this time the turn of The Moon. There were other new bands. For that, Dhani released a compilation album titled New Beginning 09 in early June 2009. The album itself shows nine bands who take shelter under it, The Virgin, The Law, Lucky Laki, The Moon, Zewex & The Cuncuzna, Airplay, Rafflesia, Kamusuka, and Tiramizu.

Gossip relationship between Dhani and Mulan are already circulating for a long time. In August 2009, heard this rumor back. Dhani trigger that says if he already has a new wife. And many people associate it with a new wife Mulan. Yet when it Dhani said he joked. No one knew until now, about the truth of this news.

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