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Jennifer Lopez J-LO Sexy Singer Women Learning from the Husband to Take Care Baby

Jennifer Lopez (J-LO), a beautiful and apparently could not keep the baby. So the notion that women are good at caring for a baby is not always true. J-LO learned to keep the baby from her husband, Marc Anthony.

In 2008, J-LO gave birth to twins, Max and Emme from her marriage to Marc. Early the birth, J-LO did not know how to become a mother. Even just to touch the baby, she did not dare.
J-LO, as quoted by Contactmusic, Friday (16/4/2010), was not knowledgeable enough to take care of babies. Actress and singer was too confused and the like do not know how to deal with the baby.

"When we first had a baby, I do not even know how to put a diaper," the recognition of women who entered the ranks of 50 the world's most beautiful woman in 1997 People magazine's choice.

Fortunately, the husband of the J-LO has never had children from previous marriage to Dayanara Torres, a former Miss Universe. J-LO was eventually learn to keep the baby from her husband.

Artists who soared through the movie 'Selena', admits fear if you want to touch the twins. For J-LO, Max and Emme's so small so it must be very careful guard. "I'm afraid they see why, because they are so small, weighing only five pounds," the story of J-LO.

Apart from her husband, J-LO has also learned to keep the baby from the nurse. During the first six months of the birth of the baby, J-LO and Marc had hired a nurse to take care of the twins.

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