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Justin Bieber Concert Must Sign In Aquarium, For Security in Hot Photo

The reaction to the news will appear Justin Bieber in Australia turned out to outside event organizers estimate. Bieber fans in Australia was not only welcomed the arrival of their idol is but their reactions have started to lead to hysteria. That's why the organizers were forced to rearrange this event and Bieber will appear behind the glass barrier between himself and the audience.

Originally, Justin Bieber is scheduled to appear in a shopping center there on 25 April. Overly enthusiastic response from the fans of this Canadian singer to make the organizers worried about the safety of Justin Bieber. The solution that they eventually take is to install a glass barrier between Bieber with the fans.

This plan clearly makes a lot of disappointed fans Bieber. Not only the fans are disappointed but Bieber had expressed his disappointment himself through his Twitter account. "What is this? This is really illogical. I wish I could sing as well as contact with the fans, instead of being at the aquarium," he said as quoted Justin Bieber from Splash News.

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