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Justin Bieber on Chelsea Lately Show: Would Love to Date Sexy Women Artist Hot Model Kim Kardashian

Justin Bieber would love to go on a date with Kim Kardashian, said the teen star on Chelsea Lately show.

While Kim Kardashian has suggested her younger half-sister, 14-year-old model Kendall Jenner as a girlfriend for Justin Bieber, he took Kim Kardashian's name on Chelsea Lately show when asked who he would like to go on a date with.

But don't get all serious, all this was said in good fun. First Beiber asked Chelsea out and then took Kim's name. Don't mind Reggie Bush! The young singer handled the interview with Chelsea Handler very well for his age and was quite relaxed and witty.

Meanwhile here is what Kim Kardashian said about Justin Bieber as a boyfriend for her younger sister as reported by the CelebrityCafe, "I'm all for it," adding, "I think he is just the cutest thing. He seems like a really driven and focused kid, just like Kendall, and they would make an adorable couple.

But she pondered on the height issue for a moment and said, "Although isn't he kind of short? Kendall might tower over him since she's taller than all of us!"

Beiber had earlier expressed his interest in Beyonce and Nicole Scherzinger as his celebrity crushes. The 16-year-old singer continues to be highly popular with teens and his hit songs "Baby" and "One Time" are much searched for on the internet.

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