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Kate Hudson Hot Actress Sexy Women Feeling Stupid Enlarge Breasts

Actress Kate Hudson is very proud to have small breasts. However, later she tempted to enlarge the breasts. Now, she seems to regret. She worried it would harm plastic surgery.

"Now I have small breasts, really," said Kate Hudson is proud of the Golden Globe in 2002. At that time the stars 'Almost Famoust' feel happy with her small breasts can look more elegant.

But now it seems she changed her mind. A source, as reported by US magazine, Friday (16/4/2010) stated that she did plastic surgery in March 2010.

Having large breasts, does Kate happy? Apparently not. A source claimed the stars 'Bride Wars' was a joke stating her actions do plastic surgery is a stupid thing.

"She makes jokes about her stupidity, she said, her chest would be the biggest thing that makes it unsafe," the source said.

A number of artists are having problems after breast plastic surgery. Not long ago Amy Winehouse for example back in trouble with her breasts. Amy was mentioned in the hospital because her breasts were leaking.

Amy spent some time a large fund for the breasts. Most recently, singer hits the 'Back to Black' was doing the breast surgery to spend as much as 35 thousand Euros or approximately USD 50 thousand.

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