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Marcell Feels Complete Less Musical Without Yovie Widianto

Singer are also good at playing drums, Marcell returned release his 3nd hits “Tak Akan Terganti” Yovie Widianto property. Marcell admitted less afdol [complete]if his music without Yovie role.

Not the first time, Marcell bringing Yovie work. Previously, he also helped re-popularize the song “Takkan Terganti” Yovie's creation which has also been brought Dea Mirella.

"It has not complete if not yet brought the song Yovie. I think there is a pass," Marcell said after filling the event found “Dahsyat” at RCTI Studio, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Friday (23/04/2010).

Especially for the song “Tak Akan Terganti”, Marcell confessed immediately got an offer from the owner of the song. Yovie wanted the song sung by a man. Finally Marcell request assistance Tohpati for cultivation, rearranging the song.
Elements acoustic guitar and strings added over the sound of the band in song. Marcell was quite satisfied with the results.

"Usually mas Yovie never give. Usually he wants to own arrangement. He's the very freak with this song, but concern wanted to a new image, so he allow Tohpati arranges to work together to the cultivation, and this rendition," said Marcell.

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