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Miley Cyrus sexy hot actress will live be under one roof with her boyfriend

Star of 'The Hannah Montana' Miley Cyrus is planning to stay home with her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth. They will live in the house after Miley moved to its new home in next November.

Miley in love Liam after meeting in the movie 'The Last Song' in 2009. Although filming has ended, Miley can no longer be separated from the Australian actor.

Miley, as reported by contact music, Monday (19/4/2010), wanted to move to her mansion in Los Angeles when even 18 years old this year. Previously, Miley is also rumored to be married to Liam at the same age.

But, her parents of Miley, Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus objections to the plan daughter's. They're worried about young couples who live together. Miley, according to a source, like being in seventh heaven so her parents allowed her to have her own residence.

Although allowed, the parents would not let her full name Destiny Hope Cyrus is living with her girlfriend for granted. Miley parents do not want a plan that was designed for her daughter's mess.

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