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Paris Hilton Sexy Actress Loving the Single Life!

Paris Hilton's recent breakup, seemed very happy with her new life as singles. Especially after not have a boyfriend, she immediately raided the call from thousands of boys.

"A lot of guys who approached me directly. I then received thousands of phone. But I'm not ready to commit to anyone," she said, as reported by Us Weekly, Friday (23/04/2010).

Paris insists she really has forgotten her former lover, Doug Reinhardt. Star television series 'Simple Life' that was no longer concerned with the man who become her boyfriend the past year.

"I do not even remember those days never existed in my life. I really had forgotten it," said Paris, who dumped Doug, about two weeks ago.

What is the cause of Paris decided to Doug? "I just realized that I was better off without him. I broke up because I think I deserve better. I'll find someone who really loves me," she hoped.

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