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“Sang Pemimpi” Win International Award First

Singapore International Film Festival 23nd be held on April 15, to 24 April 2010. At the annual event, the sequel to 'Laskar Pelangi', 'Sang Pemimpi', was success get awarded Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) Critics Award.

"This is the first award for 'Sang Pemimpi' at international film festivals," said Mira Lesmana, the producer, while talking with detikhot by phone on Friday (23/04/2010).

'Sang Pemimpi' successfully compete with the eleven films from several countries in Asia. Among other things, 'Akasa Kusum' (Sri Lanka), 'Dooman River' (South Korea), 'Mukhaputa' (India) and 'The 40th Door' (Azerbaijan).

Singapore International Film Festival is the most prestigious film festival in Singapore. The festival has become one of the first international film festival which showcases Asian films special competitions, namely the Silver Screen Awards.

Film maker from Indonesia are also quite well in these events. In 2001, actor Ibrahim Kadir also won Best Actor Awards. Then, in 2002, 'Eliana Eliana', a movie directed by Riri Riza, also never won NETPAC Critics Award. Last year, 'Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly' by Edwin received the Special Mention award.

Back to 'Sang Pemimpi', a plan film which succeeded in penetrating the number of movie viewers to 2.4 million figure would be doing road show at several film festivals in Europe. In the near future, Riri Riza's film will be screened at the Udine Far East Film Festival in Italy.

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