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Tantri Kotak Band Sexy Women Singer Vocalist Husky Voice Hot Artist Foto Video Bugil

Biodata Tantri Syalindri, profil and biography sexy women singer vocalist Kotak band Indonesia :
Full name : Tantri Syalindri Ichlasari
Nick name/celeb name : Tantri
Sex : Female
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Tangerang, West Java, Indonesia
Date of birth : August 09, 1989

Tantri vocalist Kotak band was born in Tangerang, August 9, 1989, lady rockers real name Tantri Syalindri Ichlasari this began her musical career from an Ares band from Jakarta, one of the finalist bands event held by one private television station, THE DREAM BAND that was held in 2004.

From this event formed name Kotak with the composition of Tantri on vocals, Prinzes Amanda on bass, Mario Marsella, as a guitarist, and Haposan Haryanto Tobing as a drummer.

Tantri distinctive vocals, hoarse, and sounds sexy, soon attracted the interest of Indonesian music lovers. Tantri and her band Kotak kicked off stage immediately Indonesian music with modern rock music genres of the gothic in a slightly different nuance.

Their songs are distinctive enough character interest. Beraksi is the first single that catapulted their name. Tantri vocals on this song sounds fitting and banged. So is the next single, Tinggalkan Saja.

Somewhat different from the two previous singles, Tantri who claimed to idolize Arman Maulana was singing songs Bayang Abadi with a mellow rock still showing the character Kotak.

No one knows the love story of girl who was familiarly called Pare. Tantri often established in love with the band personnel who did the same profession with her. When follow the competition THE DREAM BAND, Tantri involved cinlok with Richie Five Minute that time was still a vocalist Ankara band, Bandung. Their relationship lasted one and a half years. However, eventually dropped out because of busyness of each.

Currently the couple's daughter Dally Syanabar and Supriyati was reportedly established love with the vocalist original of Madiun, Hatna Danarda. This one girl, including resistance associated distance because her boyfriend lived in another city.

Being a newcomer, Tantri spelled bringing her band success pan achievement. In 2009, this beautiful singer managed to bring Kotak to be winners for Best Rock Group and Best Rock Album in the event AMI 2009. Not only that, they also got the best Newcomer Group predicate version of Planet Music Award 2009 and won the Most Favorite Breakthrough Artist in 2009 from MTV Indonesia Awards. Despite the cancellation, Kotak had scheduled as the band perform at the American embassy to greet Obama's arrival in Indonesia.

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