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Gesang Profile Biography Bengawan Solo Singer and Songwriter “Maestro Keroncong Indonesia” Hot Foto Picture

Biodata Gesang, profil and biography man singer the maestro keroncong hot artist of Indonesia :
Full name : Gesang Martohartono
Nick name/celeb name : Gesang
Sex : Male
Place of birth : Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia
Date of birth : October 01, 1917

Gesang or complete name Gesang Martohartono born in Surakarta, Central Java, October 1, 1917, is a singer and songwriter from Indonesia. Known as the "maestro keroncong Indonesia," he was famous through Bengawan Solo song creations, which is famous in Asia, especially in Indonesia and Japan. The song of 'Bengawan Solo' creations have been translated into at least 13 languages (including English, Tionghoa, and Japanese)

The song was composed in 1940, when he was 23 years old. Young of Gesang when it was sitting on the edge of the Bengawan Solo, he is always amazed by the river, was inspired to create a song. This song creation process takes about 6 months.

Bengawan Solo song also has its own popularity abroad, especially in Japan. Bengawan Solo could be used in one of Japan's big screen.

Gesang currently living in Jalan Bedoyo Nomor 5 Kelurahan Kemlayan, Serengan, Solo, nephew and his family together, having previously lived in the house at Perumnas Palur granting Walikota Surakarta Surakarta in 1984 for 20 years. He has parted with his wife in 1962. Once separated, he chose to live alone. He never had children. On October 1, 2008 has been 92 years old.

Gesang initially was not a songwriter. Previously, he was just a singer keroncong songs for the event and only a small party in the city of Solo. He has also created a few songs, such as; Keroncong Roda Dunia, Keroncong si Piatu, and Sapu Tangan, during World War II. Unfortunately, this song receives less than public acclaim.

As the appreciation for his services towards the development of music keroncong, in 1983 the Japanese established a “Taman Gesang” near the Bengawan Solo. Management of the park is funded by Gesang Fund, an institution established for Gesang in Japan.

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