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Greyson Change Candidate Rival of Justin Bieber

Los Angeles - At a young age, Justin Bieber has chance to get a recording contract and pursue his career. But Justin had to prepare with his new rival, Greyson Change.

Greyson may not yet as popular as Justin now. But he predicted a lot of talented as a kid. Greyson age is 12 years old now and he might be able to capture the contract the album soon.

Like Justin, Greyson began his career via YouTube. He posted his action which was singing and playing piano rendition of 'Paparazzi' belongs to Lady Gaga. Within three weeks, the video was watched by almost 19 million people.

Quoted by The Sun, Thursday (05/20/2010), Greyson has three years to learn to play piano autodidact. Greyson also get a chance to appear on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show,' some time ago.

Not unexpectedly, he can talk via phone with his idol, Lady Gaga. Looked shocked Greyson painted on the faces when he heard the Lady say hello. The singer hits the 'Telephone' that was giving a little advice for Greyson.

"You are very sweet and very talented. I'm glad you brought the song 'Paparazzi'. Everyone loves you, continue to pursue your dreams, work hard and stay away from the girls," said Lady.

Greyson was in high school in Edmond Middle School in Oklahoma. Because more young, of course, Greyson has body size smaller than Justin. But he had a haircut similar to the singer hits 'Baby' is.

When interviewed Ellen had seen several times Greyson tossed his hair. At each appearance on YouTube, Greyson looked comfortable wearing a T-shirt and shorts.

One again, Greyson has a better voice had a tone bass than Justin. Does Greyson will be lucky like Justin? Let's wait!

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