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Indra Bruggman Profil Biography Sexy Man Macho Model Sinetron Star Hot Artist Foto Video Picture

Biodata Indra Bruggman, profil and biography sexy cowok macho model hot artist Indonesia :
Full name : Indra Lesmana Bruggman
Nick name/celeb name : Indra L. Bruggman
Sex : Male
Place of birth : Tasikmalaya,West Java, Indonesia
Date of birth : May 8, 1981
Height : 180 cm
Hobby : Sport

Indra Lesmana Bruggman famous by the name of Indra L. Bruggman was born in Tasikmalaya, West Java, May 8, 1981 is sinetron actor in the world of Indonesian entertainment. Dutch-Sundanese-blooded male this since he was a primary school, Indra has often won the fashion contest in his hometown.

While in junior high school in 1995 precisely, Indra follow the event selection coverboy Aneka and succeeded in becoming one of the finalists.

Shortly afterwards, Indra decided to move to Jakarta. He then followed the casting and directly elected as main role starring of sinetron JINNY OH JINNY production of Multivision Plus, with Diana Pungky.

Inevitably this sinetron that catapulted his name. His acting is natural to make Indra then flooded with orders to play a sinetron.

Not only sinetron, Indra also starred in several ads, including Dakkar Sandals, Krating Daeng, So Klin Pewangi, Hasenda Shoes.

Fame earned must be redeemed by exposure to gossip endlessly. Starting from gossip Indra alternate girlfriend, Indra as drug user, until rumor that ex-boyfriend Helmalia Putri is gay.

Indra whose names become involved in the case of Ryan 'The Butcher From Jombang', is currently busy preparing dangdut album. After becoming a finalist SUPERMAMA SELEB CONCERT event at one of the private television, Indra who is also as vote getter in the party campaign Gerindra was flooded with bids sing and dangdut album.

Beginning in May 2009, Indra release a single Tabu was quickly followed by the release of his new album. Tabu song was composed by Glenn Fredly.

After her name a well-known in the world dangdut, Indra even changing the bow. By reason of pop music is preferable market, so now he began to move into the path of pop music. Another reason which he pointed out also because he needed money for his family. By the same family, Indra also returned to the stage sinetron after that vacuum long enough.

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