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Kajol Not Confidence Exhibition Pregnant Belly

Shows a pregnant belly has become a trend in Hollywood. That action pioneered by Demi More that followed other actresses such as Britney Spears and the latest Claudia Schiffer. But that trend was not applicable in Bollywood.

Bollywood actresses are still reluctant to show their bellies are getting bigger in front of the camera. This is such an experienced Kajol Devgan is expecting their second child.

As reported by, Friday (05/21/2010), star of 'My Name is Khan' was objected when a photographer focuses the camera into her stomach. 34-year-old actress was asked to focus on the face compared to the stomach.

This happens when the wife of actor Ajay Devgan was undergoing photography session an anti-aging cream at Mehboob studio, Mumbay, India. When it was Kajol who was accompanied by her mother, Tanuja, look pretty with a loose black dress.

"While shooting for an ad, Kajol was reluctant to stay long at all to be there because her stomach is getting bigger. She politely asks the team photographer to take pictures of her face, "said one eyewitness.

"Kajol looks very pretty with a loose black dress worn with a specific reason for it," continued the witness.

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