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Marcella Zalianty Profil Biography Sexy Women Actress Film Star Model Hot Artist Foto Video Picture

Biodata Marcella Zalianty, profil and biography sexy women actress film model hot artist Indonesia :
Full name : Marcella Zalianty
Nick name/celeb name : Marcella Zalianty
Sex : Female
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : March 7, 1980

Marcella Zalianty was born in Jakarta, March 7, 1980. Her career started from a model stage and then penetrated as well as sinetron actress and wide-screen.

Success starring in sinetron, CERITA CINTA, SEPHIA, MALAM PERTAMA and TARGET CIUMAN made her name count the producers. Marcell, so called, was the daughter of sinetron actress Tetty Liz Indriati and sister of actress Olivia Zalianty.

Women who had reportedly close to the star of this Fauzi Baadilah, success is also set foot on the big screen. The success of these films, ELIANA...ELIANA, BINTANG JATUH, TRAGEDI,BELAHAN JIWA and BROWNIES. Even through BROWNIES movie film, has delivered herself as the best female actress Indonesian Film Festival in 2005. Marcell's last film titled DENIAS SENANDUNG DI ATAS AWAN is also become best film FFI 2006.

Marcella, who is said to build a relationship with the national driver Ananda Mikola, beginning in December 2008 had suddenly become headline with cases of abuse against her co-worker, Agung Setiawan. Doubtful debt problem said to be the cause of persecution. And these violent acts involving Ananda and his brother, Moreno Soeprapto.

For months, the police were busy investigating the case, this case finally brought to trial soon. The case is also finally dragged the little brother of Marcella, Sergio. It is quite makes the mother, Tetty Liz was devastated.

The first hearing case row enough of public scandal is held at the Thursday, March 5, 2009. Marcella trial trip quite tough decision on her case finally came out on May 18, 2009. Too bad, good fortune has not sided with her. By the prosecutor, Marcella demanded 18 months in prison.

On June 22, 2009, Marcella case the decision finally came to light. Of the four articles that are charged to her, only one article which is considered guilty. The judge therefore sentenced her to six-month sentence 20 days. The detention period has been deducted fro, on June 23, 2009 she can be free. Through the process a little dramatic before her release, Marcella commons on June 23, 2009, at 19:45 pm.

After Marcella and Ananda are free, they rushed umroh together in mid-July 2009. Got news emerged, it is suspected they went umroh at once to get married on holy ground. But the news was denied both.

Did not take long for Marcella to rest after her release, because some jobs already waiting for her. Together with her sister, Olivia, she was focused on the film TAN JU HOK and JAKARTA MACAU.

Mid-November 2009, the name Marcella suddenly called as a prospective wife Anang Hermansyah. Olivia, her sister denied. She said the news come because she was working on a project together with the ex-husband Krisdayanti.

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