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Pitbull Concert in Jakarta Flood Adrenaline

Rapper Pitbull knows how to pamper his fans in Jakarta. The concert that lasted for sixty minutes was flooded with adrenaline more than 4,500 spectators.

The concert took place at the Tennis Indoor Senayan, Wednesday (05/12/2010) night at 20:00 pm with opening act of Saykoji. At 21:46 pm after a sound check, Pitbull emerged.

Bald-headed rapper were immediately opened the concert without much ado. He continues to indulge the audience with the hits songs also dances the rapper.

Hysterical screams be heard in every minute action. Especially at 22:29 pm when the song 'I Know You Want Me' chanted. Pitbull immediately take leave from the stage.

"Thanks for the fans in Indonesia," he said crisply.

All the audience cheered his name and asked Pitbull back. Soon he sauntered into the stage and immediately brought the song 'Hotel Room Service'. Increasingly hysterical audience.

"If there are no fans then there is no Pitbull. Thanks Jakarta, God bless, good night," the lid and passed.

Nothing special with the layout of the stage. Only a black backdrop and lighting standard overseas concert musicians. But Pitbull makes the show special. Likewise sound. Just a little noisy to spur the spirit of the audience.

Can be ascertained during a concert promoter who worked on the JAVA Musikindo, the audience sing along. They also straddle said, waving their hands. All swaying to the rhythm. I know you want me ...

Perhatian !

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