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Saiful Jamil Profil Biography Sexy Man Singer Dangdut Ex-Husband Dewi Persik Artist Hot Foto Video Bugil

Biodata Saiful Jamil, profil and biography sexy man singer dangdut hot artist Indonesia :
Full name : Saiful Jamil
Nick name/celeb name : Saiful Jamil - Ipul
Sex : Male
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Serang, Banten, Indonesia
Date of birth : July 31, 1980

Saiful Jamil was born in Serang, Banten, July 31, 1980, familiar is called Ipul dangdut singer. Besides singing, Ipul ever also became host of the show TakDut Quiz (Indosiar).

Saiful album is the most successful is when duet with Ira Swara titled Duet Sang Bintang. The album won an award from SCTV Music Awards 2006 Categories Album Dangdut Ngetop. In fact, thanks to the song "Jujur", both nominated for MTV Indonesia Awards 2006 for Best Dangdut. The pair was defeated by a newcomer, Trio Macan.

In another duet, Saiful Jamil pairs with Ussy Sulistiawaty champion won 'Celebrity Jam', a reality show that reconcile non-singers artist with artist singer. They set aside two other couples who favored is designer Ivan Gunawan - Ian Kasela, vocalist Radja, and actor Surya Saputra is paired with senior singer Titiek Puspa.

Following a number of artists who plunged into politics, in April 2008, Saiful run for Vice Mayor Candidates Serang accompany Ruhyadi Kirtam Sanjaya. Pair mayor candidates Serang, Kirtam Sanjaya and Saiful Jamil obtain the serial number 7 on the election of the city of Serang.

Saiful is married to fellow singer dangdut Dewi Perssik. After experiencing a brief courtship, the months of February 2005, they got married on May 26, 2005 in the Office of Religious Affairs District Sumber Sari, Jember regency, East Java. Their marriage got an exam, when a sudden Saiful divorce waft into North Jakarta Religious Court in August 2006. Both ultimately chose reconciliation after undergoing three times the trial.

Saiful households and Dewi back in shock. In the month of fasting (in October) in 2007 occurred to the news that the Dewi and Saiful had been three months home severance. A few days later there was sad news, Mother of Saiful Jamil died on October 5, 2007. At that time, Saiful still separated the house with Dewi. Even six hours before her mother last breath, Saiful has been saying talaq to Dewi. Saiful was bearing the official widower status, after the North Jakarta Religious Court on January 14, 2008 dropped the pledge to Dewi Persik divorce.

In early March 2009, Saiful reap the controversy. In his latest film, PIJAT ATAS TEKAN BAWAH, he is alleged to have sexually harassed by his mark, Kiki Fatmala.

After so long a widower, made Ipul finally decided to open his heart. He was in a relationship with Melinda, a dangdut singer. Unfortunately, the relationship also broke up in the middle of the road.

Mid-August 2009, name Saiful in news back in infotainment. This is because a new dangdut singer, Elisa, felt cheated by Ipul, breach of contract related issues Elisa promo new album, HASRAT ELISA. Elisa reportedly going to release a duet with Saiful and will be assisted by artificial lift fallen through gossip. And for that, Elisha said to be paying hundreds of millions.

Presenter program at HEBOH in ANTV is then reported back Elisa in mid-September 2009. Until now, the case is still handled the authorities.

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