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Sexy Hot Photos of Miss USA Finalist Become Controversy, Awas Foto-foto Syur!

Los Angeles Miss USA 2010 event criticized. Cause, at this year’s show, the finalists photographed by wearing only underwear to promote the event. In fact there are two finalists who posed topless.

Their action is really ironic, because in the past 2009, because of topless photograph, Miss USA finalist, Carrie Prejean, was fired. Prejean behavior at that time considered to defame Miss USA.

But the action with sexy lingerie photo, this time carried out the finalists were Miss USA, a defense of Donald Trump. Trump is the owner of the Miss Universe organization.

"They are a little sexy, but, everyone saw it, so no problem," Trump said as quoted by U.S. Magazine, Wednesday (12/05/2010).

According to Trump again, the photos is not vulgar, not the same as that performed topless photos Prejean. "The picture was very artistic and beautiful," he said.

Perhatian !

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