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Shock of the New Era: A Complete Package B2ST

Do not just look cool and handsome face appearance of the personnel boyband from South Korea, B2ST aka Beast. Their voice and songs deserve thumbs up.

B2ST came through their second album 'Shock of the New Era'. Total 10 tracks on this album sung by Korean. But certainly, though not understand what is chanted, you could be swayed by it.

Like the first track 'Beast is the B2ST', The boy band is consisting of six men fashionable where they serve song with the duration 1:31 seconds as an introduction. R & B nuances that slightly rock flow. They also included the single 'Bad Girl' and 'Mystery' which popular through their first album. Although this album is called falsifies the previous album.

'Shock' is the first their single album with filled electric shades. Dance and rock in a container. Other songs are also worthy of scrutiny. 'Easy' is more mellow than others, but R & B elements remain embedded.

Overall, 'Shock of the New Era' practically no less okay from the album 'My Worlds' of Justin Bieber. Both got beat and tone that is easy to digest.

Occasionally try to hunting their clip video. The personnel of B2ST have the ability to dance that is not be doubted. Also peep the way how they dress.

List of track album 'Shock of the New Era' B2ST:

1. Beast is the B2ST
2. Bad Girl
3. Just Before Shock
4. Shock
5. Take Care of My Girlfriend (Say No)
6. Special
7. Yet
8. Mystery
9. Easy
10. Oasis

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