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Simon Cowell Spend £ 100,000 For Younger Looks

In order to appear younger, Simon Cowell would have wasted the money. He reached into his pocket up to £ 100,000 or approximately Rp1.3 billion for body and facial treatments.

All the judges of American Idol was done in order to perform maximally during the wedding day. He did not want to look old when side by side with his future wife, Mezhgan Hussainy, who was 14 years younger.

"Simon has been booking for beauty treatments. He wanted to do everything to make proud Mezhgan, H fitting day," said a source close to Simon, as quoted by Contactmusic, Wednesday (05/12/2010).

50-year-old man was also undergoing botox. He also returned to Los Angeles to see a dentist for expensive dental repairs.

Simon has been used with maximum care for a TV show. And he thinks there is no problem if he was to undergo treatment, his marriage to Mezhgan.

"Simon will undergo a week for microdermabrasion facial that will make the skin healthy and glowing. He believes the treatment will make him look five years younger than actual age," the source said.

Not only affair faces, Simon also wanted his body perfectly proportioned. Besides dieting, the man known as a very spicy criticism was also hired renowned fitness trainer in England.

Mezhgan actually disagreed with Simon's plan. 36-year-old woman did not want her fiance all out just to look at marriage.

For women who had previously been the makeup artist's American Idol, Simon already look cool like this now. But Simon still did not want her advice of Mezhgan.

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