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Biodata ST12 Band, profil and biography personnel Band ST 12 the music group of Indonesia :
ST12 is a group of music band musical homage Melayu. ST12 was established in Bandung on 20 January 205 by Ilham Febry aka Pepep (drums), Dedy Sudrajat alias Pepeng (guitar), Muhammad Charlie van Houten aka Charlie (vocals), and Iman Rush (guitar).

Initially, these four personnel did not know each other, although they have long been in the music world. They began to close after often met in the studio rental at Street East Station 12th, Bandung, owned Pepep. They were finally officially established ST12 on January 20, 2005. ST12 name which stands Jl. Stasiun Timur No.12 is the name given by Pepep’s father, Helmi Aziz.

Although the four personnel have a different favorite genres, Charlie like jazz, Pepep like jazz and rock, while Pepeng grew up with rock music, but they compromise to make ST12 homage to Melayu.

ST12 was forced to release their first debut album through the independent route because there is no label that would accommodate them. Unfortunately, in October 2005, when the album promotional tour in Semarang, Iman Rush died from rupture of blood vessels in the brain.

Trinity Optima Production will begin to look ST12 after the first debut album, JALAN TERBAIK (2005), a success. The second album, P.U.S.P.A (2008) dedicated to Iman, released under the label of Trinity.

ST12 struggle to Melayu music become king in the land itself seems to coming to fruition. In the AMI Awards 2009 event held on April 24, 2009, ST12 received awards in the categories of Best Pop Album by album P.U.S.P.A. And in the event of SCTV Music Awards, with tracks from Saat Terakhir song has been named as a Favorite Song.

P.U.S.P.A successful albums, make ST12 release the PUSPA REPACKAGE album. In the album which launched on Thursday, July 16, 2009 it contains 14 songs with four new singles, namely Biarkan Jatuh Cinta, Isabella, KebesaranMU, and MemujaMu.

Not content with just releasing the album, ST12 began pierce release of the book. As a first step, this group launched a music book that peeling of ST12 on Monday, October 5, 2009. In this book, fans of ST12 can get the whole songs ST12 song lyrics and chords along with it. Through this book also ST12 want more recognized melayu music again.

Starting in 2010, vocalist ST12, Charlie preached less savory. He was reported ill, even some who preach he died. Yet it all just a figment. Charlie really had time to drop his condition, because too many stayed up late, but this time his condition was fine.

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