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'Peterporn' from Indonesia : A bite to international hot video stars scene

Hot videos allegedly featuring Indonesian celebrities -- Nazriel “Ariel” Ilham, Luna Maya and Cut Tari – have attracted the attention of not only domestic viewers but also global ones, especially among hot scene stars.

US hot scene star Vicky Vette, for example, was attracted to know more about “Peterporn”, the new title addressed to Ariel's former band Peterpan, according to news portal.

The Norwegian-born actress was tempted to talk about the issue dominating trending topic on microblogging Twitter for the two days last week.

Sparked by her curiosity to watch the tapes, Vicky asked Twitter users to send them to her and not long after that she got them from one of the users from Indonesia, reported on Monday.

The hot scenes from the videos impressed her so much that she asked Vivid Interactive, the corporation dealing with adult movies in US, to help distribute the movies, which have shocked Indonesia. She even mentioned her plan to visit Indonesia.

"If I go to Indonesia, I want 'Ariel Peterporn' to be my guide. But I think the Indonesia government will not grant me visa to enter the country," said Vicky.

She also expressed interest to join "Ariel Peterporn" on a porn movie. "I just want to say that I'd like to get involved in the next 'Ariel' movie.”

Another porn star from Japan, Maria Ozawa a.k.a. Miyabi, also paid a special attention to the porn blockbusters. On Twitter, Miyabi commented at her account on the videos with the title of “Peterporn”.

At the account updated from last Friday to Saturday, Miyabi revealed that she finally got the tapes after searching for them for two days.

"Guys, after a two-day search on the web, today I get the real video of 'Peterporn'. Many thanks for my followers in Indonesia who give the link... ," Miyabi commented as quoted by

She got curious with the stars on the videos. The actress, who is also French-Canadian blend, really wanted to know the stars on the movies.

According to her, the man is handsome and the ladies are beautiful. The hot scene star with a rose and sakura picture adorning her left arm expressed her intention to get to know more about the man with the title of 'Peterporn” and his intimate partners. (thejakartapost)

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