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Taste of Indonesian Jazz in Vienna Jazz Festival 2010

Jakarta - 'Vienna Jazz Festival' is back held in Vienna, Austria. This time, Indonesian jazz musicians show off. Dwiki Dharmawan and friends are the musicians.

Previously 'Vienna Jazz Festival' brings ethnic music groups, Kua Etnika. In the 'Vienna Jazz Festival 2010' is, 'Dwiki Dharmawan and Friends' become the star. They are scheduled to perform at the upcoming July 7, 2010 at Arkandenhof Rathaus city hall in downtown Vienna.

In his band, Dwiki will perform with Ade Rudiana (percussion / gamelan / bamboo musical instruments / flute), Barry Likumahuwa (bass), Andy Suzuki (saxophone) and Kamal Musallam (oud players, stringed musical instrument from the Middle East). Farabi Inter Cultural Center will support it.

Besides appearing in the prestigious music event, Dwiki cs will also provide workshops collaboration Indonesian ethnic music and jazz. The event will held in the multipurpose room at the Embassy in Vienna the following day on July 8, 2010 at 10:00 local time.

Name of Dwiki Dharmawan own began arose in the international music stage since he joined the Krakatau band, in 1985. Together Krakatau band, Dwiki was awarded 'The Best Keyboard Player' on Yamaha Light Music Contest in 1985 in Tokyo, Japan. Dwiki also ever won the Grand Prize Winner at Asia Song Festival 2000 in Philippines.

Krakatau name increasingly flying when the Journal Worlds of Music publication of the United States called Krakatau as an important part of development of world music. After that Krakatau got wide acclaim from the international world as it is considered successfully combines music, gamelan and other Indonesian traditional music with jazz that has never been done before.

Dwiki known to actively pursue various musical traditions of Indonesia. He started exploring the music of Sunda, the land of his birth. After that, then released the album 'Mystical Mist' and 'Magical Match'. Not only provides a touch of traditional musical nuance from the island of Java, Dwiki also concocted jazz composition combined with the tradition of Aceh, the Malays, Balinese, and the musics of East Indonesian .

Austrian society was looking forward to the appearance Dwiki which could give a new flavor of jazz music is fresh and unique in its show 'Vienna Jazz Festival' later.

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