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Brad Pitt Wants Angelina Jolie Pregnant Again

Los Angeles-Actor Brad Pitt, who never married her life partner Angelina Jolie, rumored to want to raise children. He hopes, Jolie had given birth three children, soon became pregnant again.

"Nothing is more desirable Brad another having baby from Angie," said one source, told the National Enquirer, Thursday (04/22/2010).

Previously, the couple with three biological children and three adopted children it was buffeted by the news broke a few times. But now, both are rumored to be married.

Jolie-Pitt urged their children to formalize the relationship. Apparently it was desired by the star rose movie 'Ocean's Eleven' is.

"Brad Pitt said to Angie, he can not live without her and will do anything to keep their families intact," continued the source.

The presence of another baby, it is believed Pitt will strengthen the relationship with Jolie. Fortunately, Pitt's desire is a positive wind of the female actress in the film 'Mr & Mrs Smith' it.

"Angie secretly really want to get pregnant before filming the movie 'The Tourist," says the source. Unfortunately, these desires are evidently not yet been reached because now the filming of 'The Tourist' middle fro.

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