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Rain & Aaron Kwok Ogled To Play 3D Action Hong Kong Film

Hong Kong - Success 'Avatar' make Hong Kong filmmakers are tempted go make a movie of three-dimensional (3D). Now, a 3D action films of Hong Kong's first one will be created.

The film budget was HK $ 200 million plan directed by the Pang Brothers, Danny Pang Fat and Oxide Pan Chung. Earlier two people to be successful with a horror movie 'The Eye. "

The Boss of production house that will make the movie, Lam Siu Ming, wanted the wide screen production is truly phenomenal. Hence, he too wanted to wear famous actors for the film.

"This film focuses on the stories of heroism, the main actors that will be a savior many people. We had hoped to find actors who have class," he said, as quoted by the Oriental Daily, Thursday (04/22/2010).

A number of actors who ogled by Lam Siu Ming, not only from Hong Kong. He also will use the actor Korea and Taiwan. Those who become candidates including Nicholas Tse, Aaron Kwok, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Rain.

Perhatian !

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