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Gary Iskak Profile Biography Sexy Man Hot Actor Film Foto Video Bugil

Biodata Gary Iskak, profile and biography sexy man hot artist and sinetron Indonesia :
Full name : Gary Iskak
Nick name/celeb name : Gary Iskak
Sex : Male
Religion : Islam

Gary Iskak is a movie player and sinetron Indonesia. His name began to be known when starring in the film JATUH CINTA LAGI (2006). In this film, Gary served as a lawyer, as well as a lover Krisdayanti.

Whereas previously the younger brother of actor Reynaldi Iskak had been widely played in the film, though not the main role, among TRAGEDI (2000), BINTANG JATUH (2000), RUMAH KETUJUH (2003), 30 HARI MENCARI CINTA (2004), and UNGU VIOLET (2005). On the TV screen Gary also has appeared in sinetron OPERA SMU around the year 2001 with Tamara Bleszynski.

But the film that jump-start his name is D'BIJIS (2007) who are starring together with friends nearby, namely Tora Sudiro and Indra. Thanks to the role of the transvestite in the film by director Rako Prijanto, Gary was nominated for Most Favorite Actor in the arena of MTV Indonesia Movie Awards 2007. In the same year he played in his first horror film, POCONG 3.

Success in D'BIJIS, create director Rako, who is also a close friend of Gary, back him up to play in MERAH ITU CINTA (2007). Indeed the characters Aria in the film by Rako can not diperani actors other than Gary Iskak.

Gary is married to Sabrina R. Bonita, a familiar called Gina, dated April 26, 1999. This marriage has been blessed with a son, Muhammad Azriel Gamitza Iskak who was born August 31, 1999. But marriage is now on the verge of divorce after Gary was seen making out with Kartika, a close friend of Gina's own, while attending the gala premiere of a movie.

Unfortunately, Gina's intention to sue for divorce seemed to be delayed first, because the husband was in jail. Gary was arrested by police for possession of 0.3 grams of shabu-shabu on September 21, 2007 at the disco Spadium.

After being released from prison in late 2008, early in 2009 seemed to be the year of the 'new' to him. Gary began to open his heart to find the ideal female figure. And the choice fell on the artist Richa Novisha.

Not only get a girlfriend, Gary's name after being released from prison are also increasingly exist in the world of acting. He is still believed to appear on the big screen, such as HARI UNTUK AMANDA (2009), BENCI DISKO (2009), KRAZY CRAZY KREZY (2009) and HEART-BREAK.COM (2009), where he also performed with Richa. Not only the film, Gary also plays the main character in the sinetron stripping, TANGISAN ISABELLA and acts as a father Baim in the BUKU HARIAN BAIM .

In August 2009, Gary took off his status as a widower. Without much media publicity, he married Richa in Bogor on a wedding that only family and close friends attended it.

Not until a year Gary marriage back preached shaky. Gary even reportedly will soon be divorced from Richa, but this time his wife was pregnant with his child.
Gary household cracks and Richa drag the name Poppy Gisela. In a social networking sites had circulated the photo in which Poppy landed her kisses on the cheek Gary. Allegedly, this photo was taken when Poppy's birthday on December 26, 2009.

While the issues for divorce with Richa pending because Richa chose to concentrate with her pregnancy, April 2010, Gary returned fast decorate the media because Ima Risma, the woman who gave birth to his son, ask Gary recognition for the of the status of her daughter, Rabiya Putrisyah two-year-old. After taking legal process, Gary agreed to include his name in deed Biya.

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