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'Avatar 2', The Adventures of Jake Sully & Neytiri Move to Bottom of Sea

Despite not winning an Oscar, a sequel to the movie 'Avatar' still awaited. 'Avatar 2' promises more exciting and imaginative. The Adventures of Jake Sully and Neytiri no longer on the mainland Pandora Planet, but will move to the sea. Wow!

Pandora Ocean will be the focus setting film director James Cameron is. James believes the sequel to 'Avatar' will bring big profits.

The focus of the sequel to 'Avatar' is to create an environment that is different from the first film. "I will focus on the sea, with so much richness and diversity, certainly admirable and imaginative," James said as quoted by contactmusic, Wednesday (21/4/2010).

Central figure 'Avatar', Jake Sully is a former Marine who was his legs completely paralyzed because of severe injuries in a battle on earth. Jake had a hope of recovery by following the Avatar program. Through this program, Jake is sent to the planet Pandora with 'new body'. He then met Neytiri, daughter of the ruler planet Pandora. Unfortunately later planet Pandora destroyed.

James has a big challenge in the sequel to 'Avatar'. The challenge is not just about a story that surely must be more interesting. But he also made savings in many ways. Budget and time to the sequel film that toss Sam Worthington is should be trimmed out.

"If it can budget and time process of making half of the previous films. It may be difficult, perhaps we could only reduce up to 25 percent," said James.

Perhatian !

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