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Maria Eva Profile Biography Sexy Women Sensational Dangdut Artist Hot Foto Video Bugil

Biodata Maria Eva, profile and biography sexy women hot artist dangdut bugil :
Full name : Maria Ulfa
Nick name/celeb name : Maria Eva-Merry
Sex : Female
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia
Date of birth : February 21, 1979

Maria Eva has real name Maria Ulfa, was born in Sidoarjo, East Java, February 21, 1979. Her career started as a dangdut singer and has launched a two-album, PELANGI SENJA and BIAS BESTARI. Merry (nickname for Maria Eva) also starred in several appearances, NAH INI DIA, a comedy featuring stories of everyday life by emphasizing the character of flirty and sexy.

Maria Eva increasingly popular figure during the recording of a porn scene herself with members of the House of Representatives (DPR-RI), Yahya Zaini, widespread in the community. Yet at that time, she was married to Koh San, although eventually divorced in early 2007. Recordings made with a camera phone it's Merry, allegedly distributed by her after the disappointment with her own partner. Among the disappointments, the lack of opportunity for her to become Yahya’s wife legally.

Neither could other than that, developing publicity through legitimate Yahya Zaini's wife, Sharmila, that Maria Eva was doing extortion against her husband. Later came the required value Maria Eva, namely Rp5 billion.

Due to a recording duration of 42 minutes, the former administrator of this youth organization must deal with the police, both related to porn scene and her confession that he does have an abortion, fetal outcome relationship with Yahya.

According to Eva, abortion was doing it at the request of Yahya Zaini and even knowledge of the legal wife of John, Sharmila.

While the impact on the Yahya Zaini, who then served as chairman of the stewardship of one of the Golkar Party, got the urge to resign. And the peak on December 4, 2006, resigned from the Golkar Party and three days later (7 December) withdrew from membership of Parliament.

Accompanied by her lawyer, Ruhut Sitompul, Eva, still struggling from the shackles of law. There is indicated even in the process of political overtones Eva law. She later was determined to be suspect and snared with article 282 of KUHP the penal code concerning the action with the threat of wanton imprisonment of one year at the end of 2006.

In the middle of the case is not finished, Eva continued her life. One is finishing her education at the University of Krisna Dwipayana, Jakarta. Official Eva holds a Bachelor of Economics in mid-March 2007. And Eva did not want to waste her time, she continued her studies to pursue S2 in the same campus.
After launching her album got banned at the end of August 2008, in mid-November 2007, fortune began toward Eva. He had the opportunity to play on the big screen titled FILM HOROR.

Year 2008 into the early life of Eva's household. Met for 4 months with Reymond Siregar, an oil businessman, in a hospital, has strengthened the hearts Eva to marry him. Eva and Reymond wedding was held on January 20, 2008. With her marriage this time, Eva is more committed to reducing the guard activities in the entertainment world.

After a long time heard no more, her name is mentioned again because of her candidacy in the elections in December 2010. Sexy dangdut singer with a Masters degree in Management is said to have the groom by Soleh SH running as the regent of Sidoarjo to be with him as Vice Regent. Dealing with this nomination Eva did not dismiss if the artist popularity will boost of the vote.

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