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Hujan Meteor (Showers) Lyrids Hot Photo Picture

In April each year meteor observers around the world will encounter a meteor shower events, namely the entry of meteoroids into the Earth's atmosphere that can be seen in the form of streaks of light across the sky. Many people who believe in superstition that when he saw a flash of a meteor in the sky and say a request, the request would be granted.

Meteor shower event is entry of the earth to the area traversed by comet Thatcher (C/1861 G1) in its orbit and this meeting will lead to the entry of comet dust to Earth's atmosphere, and since the meteor shower is visible emerging from the constellation Lyra, the meteor shower is called a meteor shower Lyrids. The peak of this meteor shower will occur on April 22 and will look much observed several hours before dawn. In this event the sky will be visible on the north-northeast direction.

This arises the light path because when the comet dust enters Earth's atmosphere with a speed of 49 km / sec (more than 176,000 km / h) cleaner is rubbing against the earth's atmosphere resulting in a high enough heat so that the comet dust particles was integrated and the resulting heat produced passing light in the sky.

Lyrids meteor shower position in the northeast, near the star Vega in the constellation Lyra

At its peak, analysts can 5 to 20 meteors per hour, even in the year 1982 was observed 90 meteors per hour. Even more special is happening again in 1803 when in Richmond, Virginia it appears that such meteors falling to earth from all over the sky.

Lyrids meteor shower has been observed since 2000 years ago, the Chinese recorded a meteor that fell from the sky like rain in the year 687 BC. However, recent observations are not as strong Lyrids meteor shower before.

Lyrids meteor shower radiant position near the star Vega

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