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Michelle McGee, Jamie Jungers Likely to Host Celebrity Cheaters

Michelle "Bombshell" McGee and Jamie Jungers have been approached by the makers of "Cheaters" to host the famous reality television show about celebrities who cheat.

McGee and Jungers are tabloid’s favorite for their flings with celebrities Jesse James and Tiger Woods, respectively. But, this time the duo would be hosting the show called "Celebrity Cheaters". The show is being shopped around by creator of the original "Cheaters" show, Bobby Goldstein.

Talking about the show, Goldstein said that its main focus would be to "catch celebrity cheaters with their pants down." Earlier, it was reported that McGee had tried to become a contestant in the show, but she failed to impress the producers.

On his part, Goldstein stressed that nothing has been finalized so far. However, he admitted that McGee and Jungers have been approached and they have agreed to host the show.

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