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Rianti Cartwright VJ MTV Profile Biography Sexy Women Model Hot Actress Foto Video Picture

Biodata Rianti Cartwright VJ, profil and biography sexy model beautiful women hot actress of Indonesia :
Full name : Rianti Rhiannon Cartwright
Nick name/celeb name : Rianti Cartwright
Sex : Female
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
Date of birth : September 22, 1983

Rianti Rhiannon Cartwright was born in Bandung, West Java, September 22, 1983 is a model, actress and VJ MTV Indonesia.

Model and actress Rianti Cartwright, a beautiful virgin was born of a bloody British father and mother Sundanese and Javanese are known as VJ MTV Indonesia public. Where now become VJs, Rianti has its own characteristics with style fun, fresh and speak out frankly.

Engaged as a VJ since 2005 to be the beginning for Rianti entering the world of entertainment. Footsteps in the entertainment world increasingly steady as she participated starred the film I'M IN LOVE, JOMBLO, PESAN DARI SURGA, and D’BIJIS who starred along with Tora Sudiro and Indra Birowo.

Initially, the girls who like traveling backpacker style is not ambitions to become a movie star, but coed International Education Program of Business International Programs and Marketing University of Tasmania, Jakarta, claimed to really enjoy and love what she do.

Not just a movie, pretty face was the youngest of two siblings was also found as video clips of models Ungu, Ello, and Letto.

Despite she has indo faces and very fluent in English, the mojang of Bandung was very fond Indonesian foods, especially Karedok, her favorite food.

Since childhood, the owner's full name Rianti Rhiannon Cartwright is accustomed to working for add pocket money. Starting from the world model at the age of 16 years and could become a language editor Maxx-M magazine in Bandung, and make Rianti accustomed to working hard.

Banyu Biru Ex-lover (son Eros Djarot), also involved starring in the hit movie AYAT-AYAT CINTA, director of Hanung Bramantyo. The film is lifted from the novel best seller, the work of Habiburahman El Shirazy, Rianti entrust to play a girl character who always wore a jilbab and veil, Aisha Greimas.

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